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Diablo III Eternal Collection Switch NSP + Update

Diablo III Eternal Collection Switch NSP + Update

Title: Diablo III Eternal Collection
Release Date: Nov 02, 2018
Category: Action, Role-Playing
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Format: NSP
Title ID: 01001B300B9BE000
Title Size: 13.6 GB
Language: En, Fr, De, It, Es, Pt, Ru, Ja, Ko
Required Firmware: 5.1.0
CFW: 7.0.1 + Atmosphere 0.8.7


Hack-and-slash dungeon crawler Diablo III Eternal Collection NSP is now on Switch.

Description: Ages ago, angels and demons birthed your world in a forbidden union. Now they’ve come to claim it. Stand tall among Sanctuary’s meek and wicked to battle walking corpses, horrifying cultists, fallen seraphs, and the Lords of Hell. When the High Heavens and the Burning Hells war, humanity must be its own salvation. The Diablo III game, the Reaper of Souls expansion, and the Rise of the Necromancer pack are all part of the Eternal Collection: 7 classes, 5 acts, and seasons’ worth of demon-smashing. Jump into local, action-RPG multiplayer with up to three friends, and crush demons from your comfiest couch cushions, no internet required-or fill out the ranks of your party online.

Discover pieces of Zelda’s world in Sanctuary. The Eternal Collection on Switch™ includes the Cucco companion pet, a Triforce portrait frame, and an exclusive transmogrification set that will let your heroes sport Ganondorf’s iconic armor. You’ll also receive unique cosmetic wings. You’re a surrounded world’s only defense against Heaven and Hell. Arm yourself with a Joy-Con™ or the Pro Controller, and choose from 7 dark fantasy classes, each with its own way to slay. You can play diablo III NSP shared-screen on a single nintendo switch, remotely on up to four nintendo switch consoles, or combine TV and handheld play.

How to Install and Update the Game

  1. Uncompress the files.
  2. Install the NSP file via Gold Leaf. In this case, we recommend Gold Leaf v0.5 (grab here).
  3. Once all installations are done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Torrent Link (81 GB)

NSP + All Language Pack + Update 2.6.7a

Base Game (13.3 GB)

Part1, Part2, Part3

Google Drive
Part1, Part2, Part3

Update v2.6.7a.64008 (v458752)

Update v2.6.8.66614 (v524288)

German Language Pack

Polish Language Pack

Italian Language Pack

Please report the broken/dead/missing links into the comment section.


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67 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    Hello, i have to download a language pack to play in german. But how can i get this ?

  2. mr ben says:

    why is the base game broken into 3 parts?

  3. SOKATSU says:

    hello, link google drive part 3 HS

  4. renan says:

    hello, have pt br dubling linguage?

  5. endrusplx says:

    Polish Language Pack tnx

  6. heretocomment says:

    thanks. great work.

  7. Santiago says:

    Part 1 is empty

  8. AITOR says:

    hola buenas esta el pack idioma español,castellano?

  9. wasuuup says:

    could you do a torrent due to large file size?

  10. Pablo says:

    I leave you a comment in the Request threat. Thank you!

  11. DOGA says:

    google link is not working.

  12. David says:

    Please update 2.6.7. Thanks you.

  13. Lou Grey says:

    do we need to install both update or just the latest one is fine ? Thanks

  14. Lal says:

    Do i need to install both updates or just the latest one is fine ? Thanks

  15. your big fan says:

    all google drive download link is dead please give me other link?

  16. goodboy says:

    google drive link broke plz give me other link

  17. achikitaun says:

    ¿Podéis actualizar el pack de idiomas de diablo 3 con el español Castellano?

    Can you upgrade the diablo 3 language pack to Spanish Castilian?
    I have tried to request it through Request Your Favorite Switch Games section , but I have not been able

  18. pop says:

    Google Drive links are down, please fix.

  19. achikitaun says:

    I had not updated the torrent client of my pc
    Thanks a lot .

  20. upty says:

    second and third link gdrive not working

  21. Snake says:

    Diablo 3 update archive is corrupted. Unable to extract..

  22. Michael says:

    Hi ,how to implement the update it is always give me an error: The title is already installed on this console

    FYI: im using atmosphere 9.0.0, my diablo 3 version is 2.6.4

  23. Antonio says:

    Hii ,can play only with the base game?

  24. momoids1 . says:

    second and third link GDRIVE not working!

  25. fr334ky says:

    Update v2.6.8.66614 (v524288) google drive link pls check it. it redirect me to 1fichier

  26. blyzzards12 says:

    Update v2.6.8.66614 via Google Drive

    404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

  27. yuancraft says:

    please seed suck at 98%

  28. I just wanna play Diablo man says:

    Game data is corrupt after installing the base game and the latest software update. Tried it numerous times, same result.

  29. Barsom says:

    Do I have to download English language pack from torrent or its already in the base game ??

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