Flynn: Son of Crimson Switch NSP (eShop)

Flynn: Son of Crimson Switch NSP

Title: Flynn: Son of Crimson
Release Date: Sep 15, 2021
Category: Action, Adventure
Publisher: Humble Games
Type: eShop
Format: NSP
Title ID: 01005F2014B80000
Title Size: 158 MB
Language: En, Ja, Es, Fr, De, Ru, Ko, Zh
Required Firmware: 12.1.0
CFW: 12.1.0 + Atmosphere 0.19.0

Flynn: Son of Crimson NSP is a handcrafted 2D action platformer that will take you on a journey of discovery and conflict.

Description: Go on a journey with Flynn and his mythical companion Dex as they fight together to save their home Rosantica from the evil in The Scourge. The peaceful and beautiful island of Rosantica is under threat once more by a relentless evil. The magical barrier between Rosantica and The Scourge has started to crack, allowing dangerous creatures to slowly seep back in to try and take over the island. Flynn stumbles upon this invasion and discovers he must stand up against The Scourge to stop its spread into Rosantica. Accompanied by his mythical companion Dex, Guardian Spirit of the Land, Flynn will be challenged by the evil from The Scourge and its powerful overlord.

How to Install the Game

  1. Install the NSP via TinfoilAwoo Installer or Gold Leaf.
  2. Once installations is done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Base Game NSP (158 MB)




Google Drive

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