Furuki Yoki Jidai no Boukentan Switch NSP (eShop)

Furuki Yoki Jidai no Boukentan eShop Switch NSP

Title: Furuki Yoki Jidai no Boukentan
Release Date: Sep 20, 2019
Category: Role-playing
Publisher: For Generations
Type: eShop
Format: NSP
Title ID: 010029600E78A000
Title Size: 144 MB
Language: Japanese
Required Firmware: 8.1.0
CFW: 8.1.0 + Atmosphere 0.9.3

Furuki Yoki Jidai no Boukentan NSP is a Japanese simulation game based on the RPG turn-based mechanics.

Description: And easy-to-understand rules, reasonable degree of difficulty. Friendly simulation RPG for beginners. This game is a simulation RPG turn-based. You, sodium prince to challenge the test of the throne. Issues an instruction to his or her unit, let’s won the battle. [For the game beginner of everyone] simulation can be saved at any time in the midst of battle. When large pinch Let’s use the “Support Card”. Even if unit got is beaten, it never disappears. Manufacturers will have to deliver the capture video at the official site. [The difference between other models version] in the Challenge mode, you can use the sodium and neon. (You can play the challenge mode from the beginning), the story mode by clearing within 240 turn to clear the neon hen …… Challenge within 230 turn ……

How to Install and Update the Game

  1. Install the NSP via Gold Leaf. We recommend Gold Leaf v0.5 as NSP Installer.
  2. Once all installations is done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Base Game (144 MB)


Google Drive

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