Goldleaf a Multipurpose Homebrew Tool

Goldleaf is multipurpose homebrew tool for Nintendo Switch. Goldleaf has a very similar concept to FBI, which is a similar tool for Nintendo 3DS homebrew. Below are the features of Goldleaf.

Main Features of Goldleaf

  • SD card browser: A simple but fully equiped file browser for the SD card, supporting several file formats (such as NSP, NRO, NACP, NXTheme, JPEG, tickets…), and with support for copying, pasting, renaming, deleting and creating files and directories.
  • Console memory browser: Same browser but to be used with NAND partitions, which also warns when writing or deleting content as it can be dangerous.
  • USB installer: Via USB connection, you can send NSPs from Goldtree or other PC clients and install them into your console.
  • Content manager: Browse any kind of content in your SD card, console memory or game cartridge.
  • Ticket manager: Browse all tickets, both common and personalized. You can remove them.
  • Internet via web applets: Using the console’s web applets, Goldleaf allows to search and navigate through web pages.
  • User account manager: Select a user account, and easily change things as the user’s nickname or even delete it.
  • Console information: Simple menu to see current firmware string, and the total free and occupied size on SD card and console memory.




Grab the latest release here

Download the Goldleaf v0.5

Please report the broken/dead/missing links into the comment section.


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9 Responses

  1. Lamim says:

    I personally find tinfoil + nut server (for installing over usb) works the best. It installs twice as fast compared to goldleaf + goldtree for some reason.

  2. Syaiful says:

    Hi Admin, I have switch and using Reinx dongle (just to activate first time). I try to install Instant Sport NSP using copy and install from sdcard but it failed. I must instal this Homebrew or can use Reinx ? thx

  3. crooked cop says:

    I wonder why this version is recommended? Is it better than the 0.7.1 one?

    • AdminNx AdminNx says:

      Well during the time of writing this tutorial this was the latest version. Furthermore, it was the most stable version of Gold Leaf but now 0.7.1 is the latest one.

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