Hakoniwa Explorer Plus Switch NSP + Update (eShop)

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus Switch NSP

Title: Hakoniwa Explorer Plus
Release Date: Jun 18, 2020
Category: Action, Adventure
Publisher: PLAYISM
Type: eShop
Format: NSP
Title ID: 0100618010D76000
Title Size: 128 MB
Language: En, Ja, Zh
Required Firmware: 9.2.0
CFW: 9.2.0 + Atmosphere 0.10.5

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus NSP is an action RPG about getting beaten down, wrapped up, hip-checked, blood-sucked and straight-up eaten.

Description: Shacked up in an empty house in the Firsttown suburbs, our hero has a thing for taking down monsters. Talk to the townspeople to expand your field of exploration and freely traverse the land as you like. However you want to proceed, and however you want to take the monsters down is all up to you. Defeat the bosses awaiting you in each region and rack up the achievements for a little something special… The roster of lethal monsters include such superstars as the pervy “Rockit”, who’ll melt the threads of your clothes in all the right places.

How to Install the Game

  1. Install the NSP via Gold Leaf. We recommend Gold Leaf v0.8 as NSP Installer.
  2. Once installations is done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Base Game NSP (128 MB)

KatFile (No Ads) (Buy Premium)
Download / Update 1.0.1



Google Drive

Update 1.0.1 (v65536)

Please report the broken/dead/missing links into the comment section.

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