Introducing .NSZ a new highly compressed format for Switch Games

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing great and enjoying Switch games here at NXBrew. Today, i am very pleased to announce a new format NSZ for the Switch games which offers 40-80% less file size than NSPs. These NSZ are highly compressed packages of Switch games and currently you can install them via Tinfoil 5.0. The advantage of this new format is that it offer low file size than NSPs and offer faster install speed + saved bandwidth as well.

Currently this format is new and still in progress therefore expect some errors too but in future this format will be the new standard for switch games and it might replace the traditional NSPs. So what you are waiting for grab the latest Tinfoil and start using NSZs. To test your first NSZ game please visit this link and download our very first release.


Note:- By Introducing new format doesn’t mean that NSPs are going to be removed. NSPs and XCIs will always be the first priority of NXBrew and they will always be available for all new and old releases.


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64 Responses

  1. nxbrewer says:

    I don’t want to use this blawars strange things, so I don’t want to use this nsz. I’ve 500 mbps uplink, so +10 mins is nothing.

  2. Danielito says:

    Please, do NOT remove NSP format in future games. Promise me that 2020 games will be uploaded as NSP.

  3. Jesús says:

    I hate tinfoil and blawar. I don’t like the attitude he is having on the scene.

  4. ThisDude says:

    isnt the NSZ from the NSP?

  5. Benjamin Cho says:

    Thank you for your work!! If it weren’t for you, I would have been in lots of trouble downloading NS games 😀 Just like how you’ve made this website, helping people to enjoy more than they are allowed to, I agree that NSZ. format would benefit us in near future. Again, Thanks as always~ I wish you the best!

  6. HentaiR says:

    Sorry for my English but is NSZ takes the same space as NSP after installed into the console?

  7. Riddler says:

    Not a fan of tinfoil. Can you install these NSZ files using Goldleaf?

  8. Lomay says:

    i will stick to NSP still , but thank you for ur effort 🙂

  9. Yandrak says:

    This new format affects only the download size or also the final installation size?

  10. Jeffyg3 says:

    Just making sure I understand how this new format works. It basically like a zip file and it unpacks the game to the Nintendo Switch? So it’s exactly the same file size and everything on the Switch as if installing NSPs?

  11. exoticbutters says:

    Wow why are people being so darn negative? fuck sakes, give the man a break, i know the dude behind it maybe a prude, but that doesn’t take the factor of how good his stuff is, and well i use it -fully knowing his attitude, cause honestly without the prude dude we honestly wouldn’t have a good way to download games. as long as he is not doing something majorly really bad to people, i’m fine, just he needs to update his attitude he has going?. -it’s what i hear from people about him.

    anyway i am super glad this is mad, :3 it’s very helpful for those who are actually grateful for this application. i’ll use it sometime..-i don’t know yet, but i’ll check it out when i can. thanks for sharing dude <3

    • Bennyloppo says:

      I’m glad too, cuz i’ve been stuffing my laptop with NS games recently and there’s only 40gb left already…. NSZ WILL help us in the future 😀

  12. ex says:

    i do hope my comment goes through q uq..

  13. btn says:

    I’m using an old Tinfoil version (0.21) for NSP + Fluffy to install my games via Network. Will it be possible to install this new format via network as well?

  14. José m says:

    Cual es la desventaja de usar .nsz?
    Escuche que la carga de juegos es más lenta
    Esto es verdad?

  15. Doc says:

    Hard drive space is cheap these days. If a bluray REMUX 4k HEVC rip is like 40-50gb, I don’t see the reasons to use .NSZ. I prefer original .XCI and .NSP

  16. Kevin2310 says:

    Please continue to upload NSP as I don’t need or want NSZ files as storage space or download speed is not a big problem for me and I enjoy using Goldleaf to install my files over Tinfoil.

  17. Flame says:

    It’s not like you guys are paying for these games. You’re pirating and then have the nerve to flame a guy who is doing work for the scene.

  18. wtf says:

    Why does nobody get the advantage of faster install speeds?
    Since you have to load less data, the install speed is much faster, especially great for games like the witcher, which is like 30GB Big.

  19. mike013 says:

    Congratulations guys will support the team until the release

  20. Chizzyglow says:

    Yes thanks a lot.. some of you just ranting about a lot of things he explained that both nsp and xci will still be available it’s by choice
    More advantage to us with low bandwidth

  21. agamer says:

    when will you release this compression tool?eagerly waiting for that.

  22. ServiasPlease says:

    can anyone help me decompress a nsz to nsp?? I have a lot better luck installing games via goldleaf and goldleaf doesnt support nsz

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