No Longer Home Switch NSP (eShop)

No Longer Home Switch NSP

Title: No Longer Home
Release Date: Oct 07, 2021
Category: Adventure
Publisher: Fellow Traveller
Type: eShop
Format: NSP
Title ID: 0100D99014262000
Title Size: 1.52 GB
Language: En, Ja, Zh
Required Firmware: 12.1.0
CFW: 12.1.0 + Atmosphere 0.19.0

No Longer Home NSP was born when the developers were similarly forced apart after university, and decided to stay in touch by working on a game together.

Description: Bo and Ao are graduating university and preparing to leave the flat they’ve lived in together for a year. Thanks to visa limitations, Ao is forced to return to Japan, leaving Bo in England. Disillusioned by post-educational life and shoved aside by a government who doesn’t want them there, both are trying to come to terms with their uncertain futures. And deep under their South London flat, something grows… As they pack their belongings in the home they’ve shared, they’ll unleash more than just memories. Wander through an intimate flat and examine the everyday belongings of Bo and Ao. Have BBQs, play video games, and stay up late just talking in bed. Follow the day to day activities and conversations of two queer, non-binary students and their friends. Get to know Lu, the multi-eyed, animal-like new flatmate. a semi-autobiographical game

How to Install the Game

  1. Install the NSP via Tinfoil, or DBI Installer.
  2. Once installations is done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Base Game NSP (1.52 GB)




Google Drive

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