Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Switch NSP/XCI/NSZ + Update 1.0.3 + DLCs |

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Switch NSP/XCI/NSZ + Update 1.0.3 + DLCs

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Switch NSP

Title: Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers
Release Date: Feb 20, 2020
Category: Action, Role-Playing
Publisher: SEGA Games
Title ID: 01001C400E9D8000
Title Size: 10.0 GB
Language: Japanese
Multiplayer: up to 1 players
Required Firmware: 9.1.0
CFW: 9.1.0 + Atmosphere 0.10.2


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers (
ペルソナ5 スクランブル ザ ファントム ストライカーズ NSP) NSP/XCI/NSZ is a hack and slash role-playing video game developed by Omega Force and P-Studio for the Nintendo Switch.

Description: The first action RPG in the Persona series! “Persona 5”, which has surpassed a total of 3.2 million copies worldwide, has emerged as a long-awaited action RPG for fans. An original story about six months after the ending of “P5“! A mysterious mysterious incident occurred in various parts of Japan. Palace revived, distorted adult cognitive world? The ghost band of hearts reunited during the summer vacation wears phantom clothes again and set out to solve a new case! In this work, not only the main character but also the members of the Phantom Thief can be directly operated! Ride through the city full of shadows in a dynamic action that makes full use of personas! Exciting and exhilarating stylish action RPG bombs set in various parts of Japan!

P5S Nintendo Switch NSP Details.

How to Install and Update the Game

  1. Uncompress the files.
  2. Install the NSP file via Gold Leaf. In this case, we recommend Gold Leaf v0.5 (grab here).
  3. Once all installations are done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Region Japan [01001C400E9D8000] [Japanese]

Torrent Link (26.5 GB)

NS + NSZ + XCI + 4 DLCs

Base Game NSP (10.0 GB)



Google Drive

Base Game XCI (10.0 GB)



Google Drive

Base Game NSZ (6.40 GB)



Google Drive

DLCs Pack (4 DLCs)

Update 1.0.3 (v196608)

Region Japan [0100E4F010D92000] [Japanese]

Base Game NSP (1.48 GB)(DEMO)



Google Drive

Please report the broken/dead/missing links into the comment section.


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108 Responses

  1. Render says:

    Thanks joker.

  2. Leray Federation says:

    Hi Admin, have this NSP been tested ? Can it run on the lastest Atmosphere CFW with 9.0.1 ?

  3. Eduard says:

    Hey bro I tried to install it and it happens an error
    Says: Invalid NCA
    I have CFW: 9.0.1 + Atmosphere 0.9.4s with Goldleaf 0.5v

  4. Abzu235 says:

    Looking cool Joker, thanks for uploading.

  5. Ennc says:

    Im so tempted to play this but its still in jap 🙁 i wish i could understand jap

  6. Yukito tsukishiro says:

    hola tu pagina esta genial son fan de ella, podrias subir el juego de PAW PATROL: ON A ROLL te lo agradeceria mucho

  7. Siegfreid says:

    Hey Joker Thanks a lot

  8. Alex says:

    Is this the full game or demo?

  9. Cochue says:

    Gracias AdminNx por la demo, para los que no les funcione y tengan Atmosphere 0.9.4s solo actualizenlo a la 0.10 y si los va a dejar instalar el juego

    • Santi says:

      Hola loco. Tengo un problema. Me baje el atmosphere 0.10.2 . Reemplace todo en la raiz pero al iniciar en lugar de entrar directo me manda a una pagina donde aparece para lanzar, lanzo el atmosphere pero los juegos no andan. Aparecen pero no andan.
      Habia hecho back up de lo que toque asiq lo pude revertir, pero no se como actualizar el atmosphere solo. Capaz me falta bajar algo mas, me darias una mano?
      Version actual: 9.0.1 I AMS 0.9.4IS

  10. Santi says:

    Hola a mi no me funcionó. Me aparece el icono transparente y sin nombre. No me deja hacer nada asiq tuve que ir a configuracion para borrarlo de ahi. No se que será 🙁
    Version actual: 9.0.1 I AMS 0.9.4IS

  11. Kimarnic says:

    I thought it was the full game, feels bad man

  12. JonConBoi says:

    It’s sending me to these spam websites, how can I get past them?

  13. F says:

    Any chance that we’ll get full game early ?

  14. Rlianto says:

    Is it work with 9.0 os?

  15. Turok says:

    Hey Joker any chance of possibly getting the full game today?

  16. B1op says:

    Full game is out! Cannot wait for download


    Gracias, pero oye puedes reparar el link de NSP de google drive, cuando accedo me lleva al NSZ, saludos gracias

  18. Juan says:

    For nsp download on google drive, it directs you to the nsz

  19. Rulue says:

    So the region is Japanese. I’m assuming it’s all in Japanese and we’re still waiting for an English release right? I’m just asking before I wait a while to download 10gbs of Data

  20. Lawakun says:

    Looking cool JOKER !!!
    Thank you for the full game so fast, been waiting all day !

  21. IgnisAlado says:

    Hello Admin, when will be the spanish version released? thank you

  22. GreenArcher96 says:

    Does it have an english subtitle?

  23. jhon says:

    i cant download the nsp from gdrive bc it takes me to the page that says that too many people downloaded or viewed the file, theres no option to save the file to my unit, just the page i mentioned.

  24. kris says:

    Thanks joker

  25. Ace says:

    NSP Google link is directing to the page were it informs that the page has exceeded download. It does not display the page where you can perform “Add star”

  26. TerraFlare says:

    Custom XCI + dlc please

  27. AlexxBlack says:

    Thank you very much for this, Admin Joker!

    Looking forward to Rune Factory 4, too!

  28. guruguruten says:


  29. Rlianto says:

    Sasuga joker

  30. Howell says:

    Is this english already?

  31. Kimarnic says:

    I dont have enough space in my switch, dang, i guess ill delete fire emblem three houses

  32. Nero says:

    how to use NXZ? i put it in my Switch, but i see nothing in it

  33. Ann says:

    so i installed the nsp, i go to start the game, it lets me choose the user and then the screen stays black and the only thing i can do is turn off the console. I am using atmos 0.10.2, FW 9.1.0 any idea of how i could fix it?

    • AdminNx AdminNx says:

      What tool you used for installation?
      Try to reinstall it with a different tool.

      • Ann says:

        welp i used goldleaf 0.8 both by placing the nsp on my sd card and by usb instalation, both gave me the same result, i guess the nintendo gods dont want me to play the game, thanks for answering so quick and for the efort put into this site!

        • AdminNx AdminNx says:

          I think you need to reinstall the CFW with all Patches.
          In this case i would suggest you to install Kosmos/Atmosphere pacthes with latest kosmos patches.
          This will definitely resolve your issue.

          • Ann says:

            okey no idea how that works but it did, i had given up hope thanks a lot!!

          • AdminNx AdminNx says:

            Never give up hopes mate.
            If i was you i would have spent all day to make it playable.
            Its your hope and appreciation who are keeping this site active and give me motivation to work more.

  34. Mynti says:

    Works on 6.0.1 with latest atmosphere CFW.

  35. Mr.lee says:

    Language only Japanese?

  36. Mynti says:

    Tested on 6.0.1 and 9.1.0 works perfectly

    How to run under 9.1.0
    1. Open NSP with Hexeditor e.g. HxD (

    2. search for “RequiredSystemVersion” in the file

    3. change 335675392 to all zeroes like that 000000000

    3.1 Count the digits again! dont forget any of them!

    4. save file and install nsp!

  37. darts83 says:

    Release version of Korean version

  38. GODD says:

    Hola disculpa las molestias de nuevo tendras el update 1.01? acaba de salir, gracias saludos

  39. Chris says:

    that strange mine crash after loading anyway to fix this?
    im using yuzu to run it (v.243 Ea)
    also how do you update update the game?

  40. arem says:

    is there an english version of this???

  41. Anggie says:

    Can u pls upload xeno blade 2 with mediafire ? I cant download with googledrive 🙁

  42. Germán says:

    Hola, me he descargado todos los archivos y estan los subtitulos en japones, no estas en español o ingles?

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