Pokémon Sword Switch NSP/XCI/NSZ

Pokémon Sword Switch NSP

Title: Pokémon Sword
Release Date: Nov 15, 2019
Category: Adventure, Role Playing
Publisher: Nintendo
Format: NSP/XCI
Title ID: 0100ABF008968000
Title Size: 9.53 GB
Language: En, Fr, De, It, Es, Ja, Ko, Zh, Ru
Multiplayer: Up to 4 Players
Required Firmware: 9.0.1
CFW: 9.0.1 + Atmosphere 0.9.4s


Pokémon Sword NSP/XCI is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak with assistance from Creatures Inc. and published by Nintendo.

Description: A new generation of Pokémon is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ system. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! players are in for a BIG surprise! Did you enjoy Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!? If you’ve played either of these games, you can receive a special Gigantamax Pikachu or Gigantamax Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! The power of Gigantamaxing will allow each of these Pokémon to take on a colossally adorable appearance and gain the ability to use a unique G-Max Move!

Players with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! save data will receive the special Pikachu and players with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! save data will receive the special Eevee. It is possible to get both Pokémon in one Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield save file. You’ll be able to receive the special Pikachu or Eevee at the Wild Area Station in the game. (This occurs after about two hours of gameplay, though individual gameplay time may vary.) The special Pikachu and Eevee cannot be evolved.

role playing games nsp

How to Install and Update the Game

  1. Uncompress the files.
  2. Install the NSP file via Gold Leaf. In this case, we recommend Gold Leaf v0.7 (grab here).
  3. Once all installations are done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Torrent Link (23.0 GB)


Base Game NSP (9.53 GB)

ClicknUpload [Direct Download]
Part1, Part2, Part3


Google Drive

Base Game NSZ (3.61 GB)


Google Drive

Base Game XCI (9.89 GB)


Google Drive

Please report the broken/dead/missing links into the comment section.


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345 Responses

  1. Pipper says:

    Donde están los links :'(

  2. Lord says:

    I have 9.0.0 firmware… i guess i wont be able to play it until i update to 9.0.1????

  3. CaballerodelaNoche2 says:

    Gracias, esperando enlaces NSP…

  4. Paulo says:

    Holy shit holy fucking shit THIS IS NOT A DRILL. ITS AVAILABLEEEEE

  5. Rajacerdoz says:

    ¿No será esta la mejor página de la historia de los videojuegos?

  6. AJ says:

    Wow what a surprise. You guys are quick!!!

  7. Antonio says:

    Estoy esperando los links de google para comenzar!! 😀
    I’m waited the google links to start!!! 😀

  8. dantesama says:

    bajandolo a toda velocidad !!

  9. Esteban Flores says:

    este no causa brick?

  10. Silver says:

    También se subiran los links de los nsp?

  11. eileen says:

    when will be nsp available ?

  12. Jerry says:

    I’m new here, but many thanks for this!

  13. Fabio Andres Plata Torres says:

    Wow.. Gracias

  14. Poketest says:

    Hey, thank you very much. Will Shield be available anytime soon?

  15. Eileen says:

    When will you have pokemon shield please ?
    Thanks a lot for being so quick !

  16. gabo says:

    I’ll wait for Shield, everything I want is in that one

  17. sebastian says:

    Gracias, esperando el enlace para mega 😀

  18. asdf says:

    no se brickea?

  19. Eon619 says:

    No hay problemas de brick?

  20. Argos-san says:

    Thanks a lot ! You made my day dude !

  21. Badula says:


  22. Random says:

    Espero que la versión Shield salga pronto

  23. Rodrigo says:

    ustedes son los mejores muchachos, sepanlo que nadie les puede arrebatar ese lugar ;D
    saludos a todos 😀

  24. Yomiichi says:

    just finished dloading it <3 thanks

  25. AK99 says:

    i would like to know the password for the rar file

  26. leo says:

    google drive not working

  27. Carlos says:

    Won’t cause brick? I’m scared, can someone pls confirm? Thanks!

  28. sp says:

    xci convertie?

  29. Cameron says:

    Out of like the 4-5 reliable sources for leaks/speedy releases I can honestly say you guys were 100% the first. Are you guys based in Mexico? I’m pretty sure that was where the games sold early. Nonetheless THANK YOU FROM THE STATES!!! I wish the team here at NxBrew and the community to have fun and go Catch Em All!!!!

  30. Paco says:

    You’re awesome guys! That was quick! Thanks so much!

  31. nico lopez says:

    no torrent?

  32. Mayeutica says:

    Thanks bro, awesome, you are the best as always.

  33. leo says:

    Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

  34. Juan says:

    It Works in 8.1.0?

  35. Tianwalker says:

    Just curious what region is the XCI/NSP. Also you just made my Veteran’s Day.

  36. Kyle says:

    Can anyone confirm if it works with 8.1.0 still? Excited to download this after work.

  37. Leon says:

    I downloaded the part1 & 2 (deleted links) and was a troll xci Lol…
    This one now its Working ! i hope theres no brick code to activate in 3 days.
    Thanks a Lot NXBrew !

  38. dantezteam says:

    funcionando al cien

  39. Galeon-san says:

    Que se necesita en la Nintendo Switch para poder cargar el juego? Es decir que homebrew, launcher o tipo de hack se le pone a la consola para poder lograrlo.

  40. anto says:

    noooooooooo !!! i would have the other version with the pokemon unicorn ^^^

  41. Sherlock says:

    can you play it offline?

  42. The Eds says:

    Can you have the game in parts

  43. Ultra Rowlet says:

    ¡Muchas gracias por este juego! Probaré como funciona en mi Switch.

  44. yuki says:

    LOS LINKS DE google drive ya superaron el limite de descarga xd

  45. Verificator says:

    Care I analyzed the XCI, the dump is modified…

  46. Juan Miguel Martin Diaz says:

    Funciona perfecto

  47. Hanubis says:

    Confirm works on 8.0.1 fw

  48. Bruno says:

    Please, could u upload using mediafire?

  49. Franco Soltero says:

    Muchas gracias bro, espero pronto se filtre el escudo

  50. SONORAJR says:

    FUNCIONA SIN PROBLEMAS EN fw 8.0.0 tengo fw 8 con ams 0.9.1 y esta corriendo muchas gracias instalen sin miedo

  51. Eon619 says:

    Hay pokehex para nsp?

  52. FGD3STINY says:

    muchas gracias como siempre super confiable esta pagina y lo mejor de todo es que siempre los estrenos están antes de su lanzamiento

  53. Kyriale says:

    Torrent anytime?

  54. Mauro says:

    Cuando termina de instalar me queda un juego con fondo negro en la home y cuando quiero entrar me dice “No seha podido iniciar el programa” no hubo error en la instalación y no me deja borrarlo.
    Qué puede ser?

  55. Gerald says:

    Are the XCI files working properly? / los archivos XCI funcionan correctamente?

  56. fdf says:

    It will brick your switch… The XCI dump was modified !
    Don’t download this…

  57. Mauro says:

    Ya pude! Mil gracias, funciona perfecto

  58. Superman says:

    Esta testeada la del link de mega para instalarla ya , de antemano gracias son los mejores me muero por jugarlo

  59. Soma says:

    Will it work on 8.1.0?

  60. Riddler says:

    Fast as always man!!

  61. Jorge says:

    Working perfectly on 9.0.1

  62. Luis Eduardo Salinas Espinoza says:

    ya no sirven, mega termina marcando error, y drive esta sobre saturado

  63. Juan Miguel Martin Diaz says:

    Funciona perfecto!sois una maravilla

  64. Dingo says:

    I love you. No homo.

  65. Divewalker says:

    I had a problem installing the NSP. I am on 9.0.1 using the new .73 goldleaf with Quark. I tried to install it but I get Error: 2002-4518 telling me that i am missing sigpatches or my firmware is too low. I installed groove coaster which require 9.0.1 fine. Please help.

  66. Riddler says:

    I wonder do I need to play the previous Pokemon game to understand this one better??

  67. Coco says:

    En 8.1.0 me da error el juego y se cierra, luego actualizaré a 9.1.0 y comentaré.

    In 8.1.0 the game gives me an error and closes, then I will update to 9.1.0 and comment.(google translate)

  68. Dru says:

    Do you have the title keys? I would like to use this with yuzu. I think i need the 9.0 title keys or whatever.

  69. Lebanova says:

    works great ty atomospere 9.1.0

  70. pepe says:

    no funcionaaa

  71. khya20 says:

    NSP working 8.1 ^^ thx for the game, best team ever!!!! 😀

  72. Rob says:

    Sabes si pokemon Shield se va a filtrar también antes de la fecha de salida?

  73. John Lin says:

    so fast, thank you so much

  74. FAKE says:

    I’m using Atmos 0.9.4 and emuNAND 9.0.1. My game freezes after some point, and I can’t play 🙁 Right after the beginning, when you start to actually control the character… :c

  75. Jose says:

    I think nsp file not worked. Keep getting error occur. Will try xci now.

  76. Skye says:

    Funciona con SX OS?

  77. jair-azevedo says:

    Works like a charm with firmware 8.1.0 and Atmosphere 0.9.2. Thank you AdminNx you`re the best.

  78. ThaQ says:

    Esperando Pokemon Shield, espero salga pronto
    Saludos y muchas gracias!

  79. jarles says:

    hay forma de emularlo en yuzu?

  80. Jorge says:

    Amigo, lo instalo y todo bien. Sin embargo al jugar el juego se traba cada 5 segundos, ya instale de muchos modos.. en la Sd en la NAND. y en todos los casos me pasa lo mismo. Encontré un chico que le pasa lo mismo. Sabes a qué se debe esto??

  81. Sorata says:

    Youre so good man

  82. stebve says:

    amigooo los links de gdrive estan saturados me pasas uno =?

  83. elhefe says:

    can we get a NSCB image showing no corruption whatsoever?

  84. freddy martin says:

    descargado en nsp por 1 fichier MI UNICO TEMOR es que cause ladrillo mi consola…
    y otra cosa el juego esta con Titulos en ingles o español?

  85. karo says:

    hola disculpa Google drive me da error Lo sentimos, no puedes ver ni descargar este archivo en este momento.
    Existen demasiados usuarios que visualizaron o descargaron este archivo recientemente. Intenta acceder nuevamente más tarde. Si el archivo al que intentas acceder es particularmente grande o está siendo compartido por muchas personas, es posible que demores hasta 24 horas para poder verlo o descargarlo. Si después de 24 horas aún no puedes acceder al archivo, comunícate con tu administrador de dominio.

  86. Dreadmage23 says:

    Installed it despite it saying it was modified. It wont open, it says its corrupted.

  87. DURVAL BOZI LIMA says:

    Its not installing with goldleaf v Full 6.1, and its the first time I can’t install a game, Im on version 9.0.1/ AMS 0.9.4/S
    the folowing message appears:

    An error ocurred attempting to install the NSP:
    Error: 0x0.4c02
    Module: FS(02)
    Description: Invalid NCA (4518)

  88. Riddler says:

    What did you use to compress nsps to nszs by the way??

  89. virginia says:

    I followed how to bypass the google limit, it still wont let me download. I dont think the bypass works anymore =(

  90. Arsenico says:

    Hi thanx for the game!! I have a question, if i make an trade with friends on the same place without making an online subscription, the game tells me to activate the wi-fi, it’s safe or i can be banned? (the wi-fi doesn’t have a configured connection)

  91. Rikwesd says:

    This is the best Switch ROM site out there, no doubt! I’m so tempted, but I preordered Sword and dont want to start twice. So, how soon™ is soon™ for Shield? 🙂

  92. William says:

    Is it working?
    I’ve downloaded the nsp (like 12-13 hours ago from now) and just installed and got black screen when I Open it 🙁

  93. Patema says:


  94. NXFAN says:

    For those of the users installing the nsz file (either by converting or from any other place), Using NUT v2.3 and Tinfoil 6.0.1 works well.

    Tested with Kosmos 9.0.0

    • Eric says:

      I started the game and when i began to control my character, the game just crash and this was the error shown “The software was closed because an error occurred”. Retried a few times but getting the same error each time

  95. Lolo says:

    Is it possible to habe an hash/crc to verify that my dl (nsp) is not corrupted before installing it ?

  96. TDX says:

    Hey after 5-15 min play i have crash with “corrupted data was found” is problem in my 8.0.1 fw or instalation go wrong?

  97. gonzo says:

    is this legit?

  98. Yoru says:

    Hi. Any news about the Shield version?

  99. bastian says:

    funciona con yuzu??

  100. Axel says:

    Hello! Is there any news about pokemon shield?
    Greetings and thank you so much!

  101. endrusplx says:

    firmware 0.9.1 Atmosphere 0.9.4 game work perfect
    Tnx good work

  102. skarmax says:

    error 2356-0008 ;( fallo claves de generacion (versión de consola demasiado baja)
    ams 0.9.4/s firm 9.0.1

  103. BurritoDog says:

    its super awesome it’s available!
    Do u know when shield will be available?
    thanks so much!

  104. Luis says:

    Probado y Instalado en 8.0.1 con goldleaf 0.5 obviamente el juego parcheado a versión inferiror pero todo excelente ya disfrutando.

  105. Nick says:

    Muchas Gracias funciona de maravilla, pero es normal que el volumen del juego sea tan bajo a comparación de otros juegos??? Ni siquiera sé si hay alguna app para aumentar el volumen de la Switch.

  106. Fabri says:

    Cuando Shield? He entendido pronto, pero más o menos?

  107. GlancesCS says:

    Hey, thanks for the upload!
    What’s the difference in NSP and NSZ? And why is there so much size difference?

  108. José says:

    Hola, actualice el CFW y me sigue apareciendo error, uso el gold leaf 0.7.3 para instalar y me aparece error 2002-4518 (0x234c02) alguien sabe por que es? baje el archivo nsp gracias.

    • Antonio says:

      Yo lo instale con tinfoil con el ultimo cfw y firmware y no tuve problemas en nada, anda perfecto. Fijate si tenes espacio en la sd o en el nand, sino bajalo de nuevo y prueba.

    • Eli says:

      Yo también tuve el mismo problema, José. Lo que funciono para mi fue descargar la versión 0.5.0 de goldleaf junto con goldtree. Intenta eso y a ver si funciona.

  109. Luis says:

    Me aparece un error al instalar con Goldleaf 0.7.3 / AMS 9.0.1

    Description: Invalid NCA (might mean missing sigpatches or a too low firmware) (4518)

  110. Akane says:

    Muchas gracias, va de lujo.
    Esperando el escudo que realmente es el que me gustaría jugar antes de salida pero por desgracia el que se ha retrasado..a ver si hay suerte y lo tenemos pronto

  111. Ricardo says:

    Hi guys, i habe a problem.
    i play the game and it opens as soon as i want to move it crashes and says an error made it stop working.
    doesnt specify the error code

  112. Almendras8555 says:

    ¿Se puede jugar en yuzu?

  113. isul says:

    XCI 100% work
    8 hours in game
    Thanks for uploading

  114. snorlax says:

    Do you have a torrent ,please

  115. Octave says:

    Any torrent link ?

  116. John says:

    MEGA link for the XCI is down 🙁

  117. Lepiz23 says:

    Does it work on 7.0.1?

  118. Valryon says:

    Thanks for your great work. I’m using FW 8.1.0 and the game works normally.

  119. darthdoofus says:

    It doesn’t work for me. The game crashes right after I gain control of the character. I’m on 8.0.1 fw atmosphere

  120. JC says:

    NPS GDrive link is dead 🙁

  121. Jay says:

    I’m also trying to play the game but after several tries it keeps crashing I’ve tried to use the download from here and o e from Reddit but I keep getting the same errors. Any idea what is going on with this?
    Firmware 9.0.1
    Atmosphere . 0.9.4

  122. Riad says:

    Tras jugar al menos 10 horas, quise cambiar mi sd para jugar otros juegos al volver a usar la sd donde tengo instalado pokemon sword resulto que esta estaba en un formato desconocido, al insertarla en el pc este me sugirio formatearla, mi sd esta muerta ahora, tal vez no sea culpa del juego pro la sd estaba practicamente nueva y es de las certificadas por nintendo y fue el ultimo juego que instale 🙁

  123. Master says:

    I’m on ams 0.9.4/s firm 9.0.1, the NSP file is installed successfully, but the game freezes each time I get control, then it crashes giving an error.

  124. Page says:

    File Not Found on NSP google drive link.

  125. Dany Rot says:

    Hi there! NSP Google drive link is down. Please, re upload it bro. Thank you in advance

  126. z says:

    Google and mega links are down.

  127. Mared says:

    Buenas tardes no esta disponible el archivo de gdrive

  128. Esteve Vargas says:

    en formato .xci al abrirlo me sale pantalla de no se ha podido leer la tarjeta de juego etc…(desde álbum).
    desde tonfoil ultima ver al intentarlo instalar install failed, see console for more details . el titulo requiere un firmware superior ./n.
    y desde goldleaf al ser formato .xci no puedo instalarlo…
    tengo ultima ver switch 9.0.1 y sxos ultima versión 2.9.2

  129. Dany says:

    NSP Gdrive link is down

  130. John says:

    Can I trust this site? I’M looking for a good website with NCPs for a long time, I got bricked 2 times and always had to restore my NAND…

    • AdminNx AdminNx says:

      Just look at the potential of online visitors and comments here and decide yourself.
      Even you can follow our discord channel where we have almost 2k members and growing.

  131. Daniel Payes says:

    link nsp caido de google drive

  132. José leon says:

    Hola bro una pregunta cuándo lo descargo me sale error al pasarlo que significa

  133. nur says:

    I’m confuse because I make a copy in my personal drive account but still it says quota exceeded. did anyone know why?

  134. John says:

    The MEGA for the XCI is down again, just as it was on 95%… can you upload a torrent?

  135. Andres Guevara says:

    me sale NCA invalido

  136. KevKev says:

    I’m nervous. Is it working for sure? Don’t want to buy another Switch

  137. Ignacio says:

    Sabéis si sacaran un parche 1.0.1 típico del día de salida?, ya que el juego aunque es una maravilla, tiene un popping tremendo y creo que es algo que deberían arreglar con un parche.

  138. Ivan says:

    Muchas gracias he bajado ambos una cosa desde el celular al entrar en el sitio nxbrew.com a los segundo de cargar la pagina se cambia a distintos tipos de publicidad, desde el pc no pasa esgo solo desde el celular. Saludos y muchas gracias por todos los juegos

  139. Luis says:

    i’m having a problem after i install the .nsp and try to play i keep getting the message corrupted data found. i have my switch on 9.0.1 with atmosphere 0.9.4 and i’m using goldleaf 0.7.3 with quark

  140. Mark says:

    Waiting for DLC 🙂

  141. Edwin Reyes says:

    Simeone has had the issue/bug that causes all your SD card wipe all your data? I’m been playing since monday and i havent had problems at all, but the people ho downloaded and purchased the digital versión are having issues due a bug that wipes all your SD data, it’s said that it’s caused by the autosave. But, someone knows something? I Will stop playing the Game until theres an update.

  142. Juan says:

    Link de Gdrive para NPS esta caido 🙁

  143. Fer says:

    Google drive, nsp
    “Lo sentimos. No puedes acceder a este documento porque infringe las Condiciones del servicio.”

  144. Quat says:

    NSP is down 🙁

  145. Matthew says:

    Hi, are there updates that will be released for this game? Or freebies like Meowth and Mew?

  146. WarGeo says:

    Greetings guys, hope you are doing great. I was installing Pokemon, Goldtree show the Installation completed message but the bar was not full on the switch, now I have a black square with an spinning circle on the game selection bar, I can’t uninstall it nor install the game trough Goldleaf, any thoughts? Thanks in advance

  147. Po says:

    Computer Execution Yuza?

  148. Nevo says:

    hi, which file would u reccomand downloading? XCI NPS or NSZ?

  149. jordan says:

    bonjour c’est possible de remettre en xci et en nsp sur mega si te plait
    merci beaucoup pour le travail fournie =)

  150. Sebastian says:

    The game stop working after you leave the house. :c

  151. ignacio says:

    tienen save file en español? despues que te entregan el starter?

  152. arem says:

    cant download
    google drive

  153. Hector says:

    Funciona con el emulador yuzu?

  154. Miguel Angel says:

    Saludos gran aporte, tengo una consulta hay alguna forma de instalar los formato nsz o convertirlos a otro formato.

  155. Gerardo says:

    Hola tengo una pregunta yo descargué el juego en xci el día que lo pusieron acá por mega pero veo que ya no está
    Mi pregunta es puedo instalarlo en mi Swich sin riesgo de nada?

  156. Owl_Citizen says:

    Hola, el archivo NSZ fue testeado? Se requiere de la micro SD en formato exFAT para instalarlo directamente desde la micro SD?

    • AdminNx AdminNx says:

      Este archivo ha sido instalado por miles de personas y lo han estado reproduciendo desde su lanzamiento. Es un archivo verificado y probado solo mira la sección de comentarios.

  157. Gael Cruz says:

    Is there a way to get kanto meowth for this nsp?

  158. Brian Chun says:

    The google drive link isn’t working sorry for bothering you about it.

  159. Corvus says:

    Have anyone here installed the .NSZ file? I need confirmation of it working. Can i test it with any program to see if it isnt bricking?

  160. Pedro says:

    Cuando quiero instalarlo me sale ” Install failed, see console for more details” con Tinfoil… y cuando voy a la consola me dice solo saving locations

  161. Azam says:

    Pls atmosphere 0.10.1 support Thx

  162. kamikaze1337 says:

    Hello! I have fw 3.0.0 and newest atmosphere version. Will it work or do I need fw 8.0.0+?

  163. Corvus says:

    Hello, can you please share the program you use to verify the NSP and other formats¿¿

  164. dodol says:

    may i know why its lagging when im playing it

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