Pool Slide Story Switch NSP (eShop)

Pool Slide Story Switch NSP

Title: Pool Slide Story
Release Date: Jul 02, 2020
Category: Simulation, Strategy
Publisher: Kairosoft
Type: eShop
Format: NSP
Title ID: 0100C9200F09A000
Title Size: 189 MB
Language: En, Ja, Ko, Zh
Required Firmware: 10.0.4
CFW: 10.0.4 + Atmosphere 0.12.0

In Pool Slide Story NSP you’ll be spoiled for choice when customizing your water park, with a wide choice of attractions to build.

Description: Splish, splash, splosh! The time has come to create some waves and open your very own wet, wonderful (sometimes whacky) water park! Hear that? That’s the sound of super-slippy pool-slide shenanigans. You want in? Of course you do. Expand your water park, adding exciting facilities, and become the talk of the town. Your visitors will take selfies at your park, generating free publicity for you! Befriend them and they’ll send you comments and suggestions. Make your visitors happy by offering a range of foods and beverages for purchase at food stalls, creating colored or scented pools, and giving away free floats and swimwear.

How to Install the Game

  1. Install the NSP via Tinfoil, or DBI Installer.
  2. Once installations is done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Base Game NSP (189 MB)




Update 1.18 (v65536)

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