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Hello Everyone,

Welcone to NXBrew, we hope you will be enjoying your stay here and having fun with free Nintendo Switch Game in XCI, NSP format downloads. Today, we like to announce that we have opened the free switch games request page dedicatedly for the Nintendo Switch lovers. Now you can request your favorite Nintendo Switch games, update files or DLCs. We will try our best to grab your required game and upload it to the site for you with free links like Google Drive and MEGA support.

There are few things that need to be followed before requesting which are explained below:

Game Request Rules

  1. Request section is only for Nintendo Switch games. Don’t request any other console or platform game as we will not respond to the non-switch requests.
  2. One switch game request at a time no multiple requests.
  3. Completion of request can take up-to 24-48 hours for upload so be patient once you made a request.
  4. Request can be anything related to the Switch you can ask for NSP, XCI games, updates and DLCs for your beloved console in the comment section.
  5. Please don’t ask for early releases only request those games who are already released and available to the eShop world.
  6. Lastly, please also follow the below format to make a game request.

Switch Game Request Format

  • Title Name: (Post the full game name in English only)
  • Format: (Need in XCI or NSP mention please)
  • Type: (DLC, Update, Game whatever it is do mention, in case of update patch do mention the update version for instance, 1.0.1, or v65536 etc.)

Thanks for reading all this don,t forget to subscribe us on Reddit as well. Hoping to see you happy with your requested content. Take care and regards.

145 Responses

  1. Wayne says:

    Title: Q.U.B.E. 2
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if available

  2. Wayne says:

    Title: Shovel Knight
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if available

  3. Nashman Aguilar says:

    Title: Mortal Kombat 11

    Format: NSP

    Type: Newest Update (1.05) if available

  4. Kevin says:

    Title: Bayonetta 2

    Format: NSP

    Type: Game

  5. Kiko says:

    Title: Splatoon 2
    Format: NSP
    Type: Updates and DLCs

  6. Dr.Briefs says:

    Title: Super Neptunia RPG
    Title ID: 01004D600AC14000
    Any format of game, please. You done the updates

  7. xTrainerJx says:

    Title: God Eater 3 demo

    Format: NSP

    Type: Game (Demo)

  8. Justin says:

    Title: Terraria

    Format: XCI or NSP

    Type: Game

  9. ArsenX says:

    Title: Yoshi’s Crafted World
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if available

  10. MagnesG says:

    Title: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Format NSP
    Type: Game, Update, DLCs


  11. milad says:

    title: super smash bros
    format: nsp
    type: base game

  12. MagnesG says:

    Thanks for Xenoblade 2 btw.

    Title: Voez
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game, Updates

    Will be awesome if all Rayark Switch games got uploaded.

  13. Lanslot says:

    Title: Stardrew Valley
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if available

  14. ArrasaMonkey says:

    Title: Celeste
    Format: NSP
    Type: Update (I forgot to add the version to the other post, sorry)

  15. MagnesG says:

    Title: Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game, Update, DLC (Jap with English language)

  16. Jimmy says:

    Title Name: super mario odyssey
    Format: xci
    Type: game

  17. Francis says:

    Hollow knight

  18. MagnesG says:

    Title: Dragon Ques Builders 2
    Format: NSP
    Type: DLC (30 currently)

  19. piere schmidt says:

    lethal league

  20. BioAlpha says:

    Title: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou
    Format: XCI
    Type: Game

  21. David says:

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game, Update and DLC

  22. David says:

    New Super Mario Bros u Deluxe
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game

  23. Arthur says:

    Title: Snipperclips Plus – Cut it out, together!
    Format: NSP
    Type: Update

  24. Jack says:

    Title: NBA 2k19
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if possible

  25. CosmosR says:

    Title: Growtopia
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if possible

  26. Natália says:

    Title: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game

  27. Smoker1 says:

    Table Top Racing
    Base Game

  28. Flavyankiner says:

    Title name: Witcher 3 wild hunt
    format: nsp
    Type: game update if needed

  29. Rikwesd says:

    Title Name: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
    Format: NSP
    Type: Update (1.0.4 or greater)

  30. Rikwesd says:

    Title Name: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
    Format: NSP
    Type: Update (1.1.0 or greater) + DLC (Special Episode)

  31. fr334ky says:

    hi how about Resident Evil Revelations? 🙂

  32. Rikwesd says:

    Title Name: Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission
    Format: NSP
    Type: Update (1.01.02 or greater)

  33. ItsAKer says:

    Title Name: Diablo 3
    Format: NSP
    Type: Language Pack

  34. Ale says:

    Title name: Remothered: Tormented Fathers
    Type: Game and Update if available

  35. Rikwesd says:

    Title Name: Just Dance 2019
    Format: NSP
    Type: All DLCs

  36. louki says:

    squard chrome

  37. Danilo Tinti Cardoso says:

    Title name: The ninja warriors: once again (jp)
    Type: Game and Update if available

  38. Angela says:

    I’m not sure at all
    Astral Chain
    Nsp (the Eshop pre load)
    Just the base game

  39. Neiroromo says:

    Game and Update if available

  40. Hu Xiaonan says:

    Title: Nintendo Labo ToyCon 1-4
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if available

  41. armando says:


  42. Radish says:

    Title: Code of Princess EX
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game

  43. Hasan says:

    Title: Korg Gadget
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if available

  44. Elena says:

    Game: yu gi oh legacy of the duelist link evolution
    FUll Game

  45. Eric says:

    Title: Tsuri Spirits
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if available

  46. KerN says:

    LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and Update if available

  47. Kevin says:

    Title: Slay the Spire
    Format: NSP
    Type: Update only

  48. Sebastian says:

    Title: yooka laylee
    Format: Nsp
    Type: Game and udapte!

  49. Steve says:

    Title: Arms

    Format: NSP

    Type: Game and update

  50. pilh says:

    Title: Omega Labyrinth Life
    Format: NSP
    Type: DLC only

  51. Diego says:

    Title: The Swords of Ditto

    Format: NSP

    Type: Base Game

  52. pilh says:

    Title: Omega Labyrinth Life(HKD)
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game and update

  53. Ray says:

    Title Name: Katamari Damacy REROLL
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game + Update

  54. Cole says:

    Title: Chromagun
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game

  55. Khont says:

    Title: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
    Type : Game

  56. Maximo says:

    Title: Beyblade Burst Battle Zero
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game

  57. David says:

    Title: Super Bomberman R
    Format: NSP
    Type: Game

  58. Smoker1 says:

    Title – Urban Trial Playground
    Format – NSP
    Type – Game, Update, 2 DLCs
    TitleID – 01001B10068EC000
    Update TitleID – 01001B10068EC800
    Update Revision – 1.2.0 (v131072)

  59. Stern says:

    Tital: Pillars of Eternity 1

    Format: NSP

    Type: Base Game

  60. Gruesome says:

    Title Name: Warhammer Quest (01002B000C4AA000)
    Format: NSP
    Type: Update v65536

  61. Radish says:

    Tital: Moonlighter

    Format: NSP

    Type: Base Game

  62. Elena says:



    full game

  63. Please says:

    Dragon quest builders 2 (asia)
    Released : 8/9

  64. Abzu235 says:

    Title: Aragami: Shadow Edition
    Type : Game and Update if available

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