Strange Telephone Switch NSP (eShop)

Strange Telephone Switch NSP

Title: Strange Telephone
Release Date: Nov 07, 2019
Category: Role-Playing, Puzzle
Publisher: PLAYISM
Format: NSP
Title ID: 01002F800FD12000
Title Size: 80 MB
Language: En, Zh, Ja
Required Firmware: 9.0.0
CFW: 9.0.0 + Atmosphere 0.9.4s

Make telephone calls to embark on a journey. Strange Telephone NSP is a 2D adventure game where you explore a mysterious realm.

Description: Jill is trapped in a dark world, and in front of her floats a large mysterious door. To her aid comes Graham, a strange entity in the form of a telephone. By typing 6 numbers into Graham, Jill can cause the realm to transform. The resulting characteristics of the space depend on the numbers you input into the phone. Try different combinations and explore, gather items to help you and find the key that will open the floating door, allowing you to escape this dark world. There are several conclusions to this story. Guide Jill to all of the different endings and discover the truth behind the world of Strange Telephone.

How to Install and Update the Game

  1. Uncompress the files.
  2. Install the NSP file via Gold Leaf. In this case, we recommend Gold Leaf v0.7 (grab here).
  3. Once all installations are done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Base Game NSP (80 MB)



Google Drive

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1 year ago

Many thanks for this tiny game, I live off these 2d titles as much as I breath air. xD