Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 5 [February 2020 Releases]

Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 5 Switch NSP

Title: Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 5
Includes: 51 Updates
Released On: Feb 08, 2020
Format: NSP
Total Size: 43.1 GB

Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 5 includes 51 updates that were released between 30th January to 04 February, 2020.

Update Includes

  • Arc of Alchemist [0100C7D00E6A0800][US][v65536]
  • Blades of Time [0100CFA00CC74800][US][v262144]
  • Brawlhalla [0100C6800B934800][US][v1835008]
  • Castle Crashers Remastered [010001300D14A800][US][v65536]
  • Dead by Daylight [01004C400CF96800][US][v655360]
  • Demon Pit [010084600F51C800][US][v131072]
  • Eternal Card Game [0100F0B00A214800][US][v393216][CR-22]
  • Evoland Legendary Edition [0100ED100B160800][US][v327680]
  • Gear Club Unlimited 2 [010019200C620800][JP][v655360]
  • Genso Sky Drift [0100E9E00DBF4800][JP][v262144]
  • GensokyoDefenders [010000300C79C800][US][v393216]
  • GREEN VIDEO GAME [0100DFE00F002800][US][v131072]
  • IxSHE Tell [0100DEB00F12A800][JP][v65536]
  • KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch [0100EC8004762800][US][v524288]
  • KUNAI [010035A00DF62800][US][v65536]
  • Megaquarium [010082B00E8B8800][US][v196608]
  • Minecraft [0100D71004694800][US][v1638400]
  • Moai VI Unexpected Guests [010020400BDD2800][US][v65536]
  • Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3 [010097800EA20800][US][v65536]
  • Ninja Box [0100272009E32800][JP][v393216]
  • Panty Party [01002BD00CB86800][US][v196608]
  • Power Rangers Battle for the Grid [0100E1E00CF1A800][US][v720896]
  • Realm Royale [0100CC400DDE8800][US][v458752]
  • Rento Fortune [01008EE00B22C800][US][v262144]
  • Rocket League [01005EE0036EC800][US][v1835008]
  • RPG Maker MV Player [0100DF500C58A800][JP][v655360]
  • Skellboy [01008CA00CF34800][US][v65536]
  • Sleep Attack [010050500FE30800][US][v65536]
  • Speed Brawl [010040F00AA9A800][US][v393216]
  • Stardew Valley [0100E65002BB8800][US][v524288]
  • Super Inefficient Golf [010056800B534800][US][v131072]
  • Super Kickers League [0100196009998800][US][v262144]
  • SuperEpic The Entertainment War [0100630010252800][US][v65536]
  • SWORD ART ONLINE FATAL BULLET Complete Edition [0100E4700C648800][JP][v131072]
  • SWORD ART ONLINE FATAL BULLET Complete Edition [01005DF00DC26800][US][v131072]
  • Tactics V Obsidian Brigade [01007C7006AEE800][US][v983040]
  • The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Tactics [010051800E922800][US][v65536]
  • THE LAST REMNANT Remastered [0100AC800D022800][US][v65536]
  • To the Moon [010036700F83E800][US][v196608]
  • Tōhō gensō mājan [0100F6C00DA56800][JP][v65536]
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics The Official Video Game [01004CE00AAE2800][JP][v327680]
  • Touchdown Pinball [0100D04010E38800][US][v131072]
  • Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince [0100BDD00EF5A800][JP][v196608]
  • Unruly Heroes [0100BB600DA1A800][JP][v65536]
  • Valfaris ヴァルファリス [010031500F6BC800][JP][v65536]
  • Valfaris [010089700F30C800][US][v131072]
  • Vambrace Cold Soul [0100F0E00EC6A800][JP][v131072]
  • Wargroove [01000F0002BB6800][US][v655360]
  • Without Escape [0100E8400FDCA800][US][v131072]
  • WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom [01008E9007064800][US][v1048576]
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair [010022F00DA66800][US][v196608]

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    Thanks but do you know when an update for Doom 1-2 will be posted? Its been out for about 2 weeks.

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