Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 6 [February 2020 Releases]

Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 6 Switch NSP

Title: Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 6
Includes: 40 Updates
Released On: Feb 09, 2020
Format: NSP
Total Size: 54.3 GB

Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 6 includes 40 updates that were released between 4th to 7th February, 2020.

Update Includes

  • Arc of Alchemist [0100A44010072800][GB][v65536]
  • Arcade Archives STAR FORCE [010069F008A38800][US][v65536]
  • Blazing Beaks [010021A00DE54800][US][v131072]
  • Bokujō Monogatari Saikai no Minerarutaun (Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town) [01001D900D9AC800][JP][v393216]
  • Bridge Constructor Portal [01008AC00BA2E800][JP][v65536]
  • Children of Morta [01002DE00C250800][US][v131072]
  • CODE SHIFTER [010086100CDCA800][US][v65536]
  • Coffee talk [010003B00F6A6800][JP][v65536]
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled [0100F9F00C696800][US][v851968]
  • Enchanted in the Moonlight – Kiryu, Chikage & Yukinojo – [010068300E08E800][US][v131072]
  • Enchanted in the Moonlight – Miyabi, Kyoga & Samon – [0100C2000E08C800][US][v131072]
  • Farm Together [010086B00BB50800][US][v1179648]
  • Fushigi no gensō gō – rōtasurabirinsu – [0100D7800C56A800][JP][v655360]
  • Gear Club Unlimited 2 [01005FF00C7CC800][HK][v524288]
  • Gear Club Unlimited 2 [010072900AFF0800][US][v655360]
  • Gensō manēju [010037500DF38800][JP][v65536]
  • GOD EATER 3 [01001C700873E800][US][v524288]
  • Greco’s Hall of Kanji Learn Japanese Beginner [0100B6700DEC2800][US][v65536]
  • Harvest Moon Mad Dash [01009CC00F23C800][GB][v65536]
  • Headsnatchers [0100A8200C372800][US][v131072]
  • Jiētóu dà luàn dòu jìnxíngqǔ Mach!! [0100DBB00EB62800][HK][v196608]
  • Jurassic Excite [010043F010412800][US][v65536]
  • Koloro [01005D200C9AA800][US][v65536]
  • KUNAI [010053900F4BA800][JP][v65536]
  • Last Encounter [010067A00964E800][US][v65536]
  • Mable & The Wood [01000B400E53A800][US][v131072]
  • MISTOVER [0100C4200F0BE800][JP][v196608]
  • Monster Farm [0100E9900ED74800][JP][v262144]
  • NBA 2K20 [010026000E466800][US][v458752]
  • NBA Playgrounds [010002900294A800][US][v131072]
  • Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball [010058800F860800][US][v65536]
  • PuPaiPo Space Deluxe [01007BE00FE5E800][US][v65536]
  • Quest Hunter [010095500D9F4800][US][v327680]
  • Rad Rodgers Radical Edition [010000600CD54800][US][v131072]
  • Reventure [0100E2E00EA42800][US][v393216]
  • River City Melee Mach!! [0100B2100767C800][US][v196608]
  • RPG Maker MV Trinity [010033C00985E800][JP][v983040]
  • Sisters Royale Five Sisters Under Fire [0100B3900F02A800][US][v65536]
  • So Many Me Extended Edition [010062C00F558800][US][v196608]
  • Stardew Valley [0100DD400C468800][v196608]

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Pack 6 (54.3 GB)


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David Mape
David Mape
1 year ago

Mil gracias!!! un abrazo enorme!

David Mape
David Mape
1 year ago

Hey Admin, antes que nada un abrazo enorme en estos tiempos y un agradecimiento igual x mantener todo esto.
Por otro lado, ando tratando de bajar la actualizacion de Gear Club Unlimited 2 y el torrent lleva descargando dias pero casi no hay funtes (solo seleccione esa actualizacion en el paquete). Si pudieses montar esa actualizacion por separado o de paso montar el juego ya que no lo he visto en la seccion de nsp seria maravilloso.

Un saludo y gracias!

1 year ago

G’day. the Stardew Valley update installs a separate title on the system. Is there a way to force install it on top of the base game?

1 year ago

Question, so with these update packs, will / are you still posting updates to the games own page like you used to? or do we have to hunt through these update packs now.

1 year ago
Reply to  AdminNx

That doesn’t really answer my question. will you be posting any updates explicitly not associated with these update packs, or do we have to go to these packs for every single update?

1 year ago

Hi, thanks for all your work, can you add the new crash nitro fueled update v1.0.14 thanks

1 year ago

There is update included for NBA Playgrounds but I do not see base game available on this site

1 year ago

Hey I hope everything is going great for you guys!
I’m just wondering, I can’t find RPG maker on this site at all but you’ve got the updates for it. Is that intentional? Lol

1 year ago

Can we please get Kakarot?
It’s out now, at least some guides are and it looks amazing!
Please help!

P.S. Titan quest would be awesome too, it’s like a less bloody divinity 2 based on greek mythology. It’s really fun! But it would be so fun to see what it’s like on switch.

Kryx cruz
Kryx cruz
1 year ago

How do I download an update individually per game with this pack?