Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 8 [March 2020 Part1]

Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 8 Switch NSP

Title: Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 8
Includes: 43 Updates
Released On: March 04, 2020
Format: NSP
Total Size: 12.99 GB

Switch Game Updates NSP Pack 8 includes 43 updates that were released between 27th February to 3rd March 2020.

Update Includes

  • 60 Parsecs! [010010100FF14800][US][v196608]
  • Atelier Ryza Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout [010096000E1EC800][JP][v786432]
  • Atelier Ryza Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout [0100D1900EC80800][US][v262144]
  • BATTLESLOTHS [010044E00D97C800][US][v65536]
  • Blasphemous [0100698009C6E800][US][v131072]
  • Ciel Fledge A Daughter Raising Simulator [010061E00E05E800][US][v196608]
  • Classic Snake Adventures [0100E6C00EB12800][US][v65536]
  • Coffee Talk [010003B00F6A6800][JP][v131072]
  • Dead Cells [0100646009FBE800][US][v851968]
  • Dead End Job [01004C500BD40800][US][v196608]
  • DEMON’S TILT [0100BE800E6D8800][US][v262144]
  • Diablo III Eternal Collection [010032F00C04A800][JP][v458752]
  • Diablo III Eternal Collection [01001B300B9BE800][US][v524288][CR-03].nsp
  • Divinity Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition [010027400CDC6800][US][v458752]
  • Eclipse Edge of Light [01001F20100B8800][US][v65536]
  • Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac [01009E700F726800][US][v65536]
  • For The King [010069400B6BE800][US][v262144]
  • Fred3ric [0100AC40108D8800][US][v65536]
  • Headliner NoviNews [010008F00F476800][JP][v131072]
  • Headliner NoviNews [0100EFE00E1DC800][US][v131072]
  • Hell’s High Harmonizers [0100BD3010934800][JP][v65536]
  • Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker [010079000F0D2800][US][v65536]
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 [0100DCA0064A6800][US][v262144]
  • MilkChoco [010056D00B0F4800][US][v458752]
  • Muse Dash [01008E200C5C2800][US][v589824]
  • OBAKEIDORO! [010074600CC7A800][US][v720896]
  • PBA Pro Bowling [010085700ABC8800][US][v196608]
  • Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers [01001C400E9D8800][JP][v65536]
  • Pok‚mon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX [01003D200BAA2800][US][v65536]
  • PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE- [010018700A5EC800][US][v262144]
  • Puchikon 4 SmileBASIC [0100C9100B06A800][JP][v393216]
  • Save Koch [0100C8300FA90800][US][v65536]
  • SeaBed [0100C2400D68C800][US][v131072]
  • Son of a Witch [01006AE00C6D6800][GB][v196608]
  • Speedway Racing [0100AC00107B8800][US][v65536]
  • Super Kickers League [0100196009998800][US][v393216]
  • The Alliance Alive HD Remastered [01003CF00DCFA800][US][v131072]
  • THE Card Poker, Texas hold ’em, Blackjack and Page One [0100EB600AB5E800][US][v131072]
  • The Unholy Society [0100E4C011304800][US][v65536]
  • Tower of Babel – no mercy [01002D20103E0800][US][v65536]
  • True Fear Forsaken Souls – Part 2 [0100DC400E5CE800][US][v131072]
  • Void Terrarium [010009900E170800][JP][v131072]
  • ZikSquare [010086700EF16800][US][v131072]

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Pack 8 (12.99 GB)


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3 months ago

Links are fine but torrent just says ‘retrieving metadata’.

1 year ago

How come the update NSP files doesn’t show up on my switch (after I put it in my micro sd card), when I tried to install with gold-leaf?

1 year ago

Does this updates works in a EU Nintendo Switch¿?

1 year ago

Sometimes when i download a game update and i try to install it nothing happens, and if press the option view hexadecimal from goldleaf it appears all 0.

Normally happens with torrent downloads.

Any idea?

1 year ago

thanks are the best

1 year ago

and the samurai shodown update 🙁
and samurai shodown world or in spanish they will upload

1 year ago
Reply to  AdminNx

Joke, quick question , If I download this last update do I still have to download and update the previous ones u guys have uloaded ?