Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Switch NSP/XCI/NSZ |

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Switch NSP/XCI/NSZ

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Switch NSP

Title: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
Release Date: Jan 17, 2020
Category: Role-Playing
Publisher: Nintendo
Title ID: 0100A9400C9C2000
Title Size: 11.2 GB
Language: En, Fr, Ja, Zh
Multiplayer: up to 1 players
Required Firmware: 9.0.1
CFW: 9.0.1 + Atmosphere 0.9.4s


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore NSP/XCI/NSZ is a crossover role-playing video game developed by Atlus and published by Nintendo Switch console.

Description: Slay strategically in deep, stylish RPG battles. The worlds of the Fire Emblem™ series and Atlus games have crossed paths again and the result is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ system. An interdimensional evil has invaded modern-day Tokyo, resulting in this fantastical barrage of music, style, and yes, danger. So, fight back! Battle through dungeons to pump up your strategy and creatively decimate your foes…before all hope fades to black.

You and the rising stars you call friends will need to call on your own creative power—manifested as iconic Fire Emblem characters—to wage a secret war on rogue spirits that feed on creativity. Each encounter will immerse you in deep, turn-based battles that blend the combat of the Fire Emblem and Atlus RPGs into one brutal harmony. Fuse items to craft weaponry; then play to your strengths and crush your foes. Around every corner you’ll find fun nods to multiple fandoms, including Fire Emblem references, dungeons themed to the entertainment industry, and stunning musical performances.

How to Install and Update the Game

  1. Uncompress the files.
  2. Install the NSP file via Gold Leaf. In this case, we recommend Gold Leaf v0.5 (grab here).
  3. Once all installations are done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Torrent (31.8 GB)


Region ASIA [0100A9400C9C2000] [En, Fr, Zh, Ja]

Base Game NSP (11.2 GB)

Part1, Part2

Part1, Part2

Google Drive
Part1, Part2

Base Game XCI (11.8 GB)

Part1, Part2

Google Drive
Part1, Part2

Base Game NSZ



MEGA (Mirror)

Google Drive

Please report the broken/dead/missing links into the comment section.


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63 Responses

  1. Cesar says:

    You are the best!

  2. taco says:

    English voices?

  3. Habrá en español también?

  4. Mark says:

    Mother of holyness!! Your the best!!!

  5. Han says:

    Thx for the game

  6. serf says:

    can we get the torrent too?

  7. Daniel says:

    Tiene censura?

  8. ricky rukmana says:

    work on fw 9.0.0??

  9. Satania says:

    Yo think the wiiu patch can be ported to this version?

  10. anne Wiggers says:

    Even i see Kiki the dlc portal doesn’t appear any solution?

  11. JanDe says:

    Thank you so much!
    It work on ReinX, no problem!

  12. Senbou says:

    Im on FW 9.0.1 Atmos 0.10.1..Im getting an error which says firmware too low.. I need help thanks

  13. Yuki says:

    I’m on firmware I able to play this game with asmosphere 0.9.2 or do I need to update the firmware to latest or just cfw?or both update?

  14. Daniel says:

    USA or Eur versión?

  15. Nicko says:

    Por qué al ingresar a la página principal me cambia a otra página.. tiene un virus?? Debo intentarlo tres veces para que por fin cargue bien la página principal

  16. Daile says:

    Does not start the install process in Goldleaf with USB. CFW 9.1.0. I can install other nsp, but not this one.

  17. Daniel Payes says:

    Límite exedido tanto de nsp como nsz en Google drive

  18. JUSTAGUY says:

    i really cant stand your ads , i cant even open one page of any game , it sucks , this site was AWESOME

    • AdminNx AdminNx says:

      May i know what browser you are using?

      • AngeAlexiel says:

        hi AdminNX, same for me
        i used to download some games here… but now it is impossible with safari on catalina, despite the fact that the ad blocker called ad guard is disabled and i ‘ve unchecked all options in safari preferences to prevent pop up and tracking… i’m sure it will work with crome but think you should at least offer a way to direct download torrent vithout these sites, and just ask for a few euros for a susbcription model…

        • AdminNx AdminNx says:

          Next month i am launching a pretty easy model for everyone with very cheap cost.
          I am already working on it and aware of most of the issues and believe me i want to make downloads easy for everyone but the cost to run is high that is why i am bound to use these ads.
          I hope you understand my pain.

  19. MagnesG says:

    Can I request for the US version?

  20. lol says:

    I can’t install the nsp over Goldleaf 0.8 and firmware 9.1.0, I get the following error:
    Invalid NCA (Might mean missing sigpatches or a too low firmware).
    I have all the sigpatches I could find up to 9.1.0, any suggestions?

  21. AweSplat says:

    Wait so the US version is here?

  22. lol says:

    I just did. Installed the patches in the route. Didn’t work.

    • AdminNx AdminNx says:

      Can you do me a favor? try to install it via Gold Leaf and post the error description by Gold Leaf here.

      • Felix says:

        me too , it did not work on Goldleaf 0.8 or tinfoil and firmware 9.1.0 and Atmos0.10.2,with patches (all news software)

        error: 2002-4518 (Invalid NCA)

        Für dieses Game habe ich drei mal auf der Website herunterladen.aber leider funktioniert es wirklich gar nicht. Die andere Spiele hab mit meine konsole auch getestet. Alles installieren mit Goldleaf außer “FE Encore”.

  23. Helena says:

    when eurpoean release?

  24. etlmew says:

    I’m using sx os 2.9.3 beta and firmware 9.0.1 but I cannot install the nsp.

  25. Legilis says:

    The NSZ Google Drive URL directs to MEGA. Pls fix thanks! 😀

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