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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch NSP + DLCs + Update

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch NSP

Title: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Release Date: Nov 30, 2017
Category: Role-Playing
Publisher: Nintendo
Format: NSP
Title ID: 0100E95004038000
Title Size: 13.1 GB
Language: En, Fr, De, It, Es, Ja
Multiplayer: Up to 1 Player
Required Firmware: 5.0.1
CFW: 5.0.1 + Atmosphere 0.7.0


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 NSP is an open world action role-playing game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo.

Description: As the giant beasts march toward death, the last hope is a scavenger named Re and Pyra. a living weapon known as a Blade. Can you find the fabled paradise she calls home. Command a group of Blades and lead them to countless strategic victories before the world ends. Each Titan hosts its own distinct cultures, wildlife, and diverse regions to explore. Search the vast open areas and labyrinthine corridors for treasure, secret paths, and creatures to battle and index. Find, bond with, and command weaponized life forms known as Blades to earn abilities and enhance them

During these escapades you’ll get to know a large cast of eclectic characters, including the weaponized life forms known as Blades. Gather these allies, bond with them to increase their power, and utilize their special ARTS to devastate enemies. But to save the world of Alrest, you must first demystify its cloudy past. A new story in the Xenoblade Chronicles series. The next adventure is on the Nintendo Switch console set on the backs of colossal, living Titans. Discover each Titan’s diverse regions, culture, wildlife, equipment, and hidden secrets.

How to Install the Game

  1. Unrar the compressed files.
  2. Install the game via Gold Leaf v0.5 (Grab here).
  3. After install update the game.
  4. Once all installations are done play and Enjoy the game.

Download Links

Europe Release [0100E95004038000]

Base Game NSP (13.1 GB)

Open this Link and copy the code and Decode the encrypted links.

Torrent [NSP + XCI + 6DLCs + Torna DLC + Update 2.0.2]

Google Drive [NSP + XCI + 6DLCs + Torna DLC + Update 2.0.2]

Japan Release [0100F3400332C000]

Base Game NSP (13.0 GB) +
Update 2.0.2 (v917504) +
DLC Pack (6 DLCs)

Open this Link and copy the code and Decode the encrypted links.

Google Drive

Please report the broken/dead/missing links into the comment section.


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120 Responses

  1. Xnoblader says:

    My Nintendo Bonus Items <—- Doesn't show on goldleaf, I tried renaming it and still wont show. How to fix this?

  2. Xenoblader says:

    Tried that too, and nothing. Eventually I changed the files name and it worked. The special characters it comes with makes it undetectable by goldleaf.

  3. kevin says:

    when I install the game it wont launch.

  4. Skylink89 says:

    I’m having trouble with the DLC Blade pack 3. (Dying to get Corviin) and the golden country not showing. Guessing issue maybe the update . Installed 2.0.2 and yet doesn’t work and can’t go to 2.0.1….any ideas of what I’m doing wrong???

    • AdminNx AdminNx says:

      You first installed the update or DLCs?

      • Skylink89 says:

        update and then DLC , I redid everything again a couple of times when I noticed in wasn’t getting corvin and the golden country. I tried with different updates from other sites. When I used v1.5 it wENT in fine on usbloader but putting v2.0.0 it gives me error. So I tried everything again but just installing 2.0.2 and still don’t have access to those DLC’s they don’t show up . Maybe dlc is the problem? all other documents work fine so far.

  5. Skylink89 says:

    DLC Pack 4F: New Rare Blade Pack 3 (Final)

    Release date: August 24th 2018 (Europe, North America) / August 25th 2018 (Japan)
    Requires: Ver. 1.5.1 or more recent
    new Rare Blade: Corvin (more details)

    DLC Pack 4G: Gift from Zuo 3

    Release date: August 24th 2018 (Europe / North America) / August 25th 2018 (Japan)
    Requires: Ver. 1.5.1 or more recent
    Nopon Summons, Pt. 2: adds two Challenges to the Land of Challenge, “Otherwordly Fighter” (that you need to clear in order to unlock Elma) and “Poisoned Paradise”.
    Nopon Invitation, Pt. 2: adds a new type of Noponstones, called Flawless Noponstones. You can trade regular Noponstones for those, and get them from Treasure Chests.

    DLC Pack 5A: A Brand-New Story and Adventure – Torna ~The Golden Country

    Release date: September 13th 2018 (North America) / September 14th 2018 (North America, Europe, Japan)
    Requires: Ver. 2.0.0 or more recent

    DLC Pack 5B: Support Items For Your Journey 5 (Final Set)

    Release date: September 13th 2018 (North America) / September 14th 2018 (Europe, Japan)
    Requires: Ver. 2.0.0 or more recent

  6. Skylink89 says:

    Yes , those specific dlc don’t show up in my game. I’m currently on version 2.0.2 .Supposedly v1.5.2 would show you at least the the golden country dlc on the tittle screen menu . But no luck either

  7. DX says:

    The game works but what is weird is that I start with 99,999 skill points and also an absurd amount of experience points. I only installed the base game and the update. How is that possible? It honestly takes the fun out of the game. Is there any way to undo this?

  8. Goukihoshi says:

    Regarding the base game updated to 2.0.2: when trying to start the game on 9.0.1, Atmosphère 0.9.4, I get a ‘this game could not start’ error. I did not even install any DLC.
    It seemed this was not an issue on some previous firmwares.
    Does anyone here know of a solution to this problem?

  9. Goukihoshi says:

    Got it to work using Tinfoil 5.0.0 and NUT 2.2c, installing XCI and update/DLC’s from usb!

  10. 9inchnails says:

    chinese language version and full dlc/update needed,plz

  11. JOSUEJIHM says:

    When trying Dlc My Nintendo Bonus with lithium, I get the message: failed to open NSP:

    What can be?

  12. satake says:

    I have been trying for hours to install the japanese version, but I keep getting an error opening the game. I’m on 9.0.1 atmosphere. Can anyone confirm theirs are working?

  13. satake says:

    It is 9.0.1/AMS 0.9.4. I’ll redownload the game+update and not install the dlc and see if that helps. Thank you

  14. Doc says:

    How is this game different from Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden?

  15. darth says:

    cannot play EU version when update it say “software error has occurred ” fw9.0.1 sx os 2.9.2

  16. cannot says:

    if I updated this game by tinfoil, the software error was occurred. The error code was 2345-0028 (0x3959)
    My fw 9.01 sx os 2.92

  17. razer says:

    EU ver after install all game+update+dlc, “software error has occurred ”, fw9.1.0 sx os 2.9.3
    using sx installer, tinfoil, goldleaf had the same result.

    if I only install base game v0. it run without problem
    and even if i update to 2.0.2 the game still run without problem

    But if I added any of this dlc:
    New Challenge Mode Pack, New Quests Pack, New Rare Blade Pack, or Torna The Golden Country.

    The game crash : error code 2016-0641

    • AdminNx AdminNx says:

      Ok can you do one more try by just install the base game + any of the above DLCs without putting any update?

      • razer says:

        Base game + any of this 3 DLC : Helpful Items Pack, Japanese-Voice Pack, My Nintendo Bonus Items, the game still running well

        Base game + any of this 4 DLC : New Challenge Mode Pack, New Quests Pack,
        New Rare Blade Pack, Torna The Golden Country, the game say needed update,
        but if I update 2.0.2 then the game crashed error code 2016-0641

        • AdminNx AdminNx says:

          and if install

          Base game + any of this 3 DLC : Helpful Items Pack, Japanese-Voice Pack, My Nintendo Bonus Items + update 2.0.2 game works or crash too?
          I will add a lower version of the update today test that update too. Furthermore, can you check the game version after installing Base game + any of this 4 DLC : New Challenge Mode Pack, New Quests Pack, New Rare Blade Pack, Torna The Golden Country.

  18. croix says:

    that Japan Release [0100E95004038000] google drive was dead link…. is that possible uploan again please thank you

  19. run says:

    japanese version「base」Part1, Part2, Part3 google drive is dead link

  20. shin says:

    Japan Release google drive is dead pls share mega drive

  21. lilyeh says:

    Japan Release [0100E95004038000] link is dead.

  22. Vincent says:

    The link for Japanese release is dead. Can you please fix it?

  23. Jonah says:

    the link to JP version update 2.02 is failed, google drive said “Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

  24. Vincent says:

    The JP version link is dead

  25. SamLim says:

    Gdrive JAP region link is dead. >_<

  26. UUU says:

    Can you please update the broken link for JP release?

  27. d664750 says:

    Can you please update the JP release dead links?

  28. jj520 says:

    GDrive links is dead thank you

  29. pepeg says:

    installing New Challenge Mode Pack works but “gift from zou” is missing. any ideas how to get it?

  30. Guang says:

    Mega link not working

  31. Nelvin says:

    Thanks for the uploading, but the Japanese-Voice Pack is not working. It is not installing in Tinfoil, it said “Garbage something..”. Didn’t work on Goldleaf too, It said it has “unknown” something and it crashes the atmosphere. I downloaded it from the torrent link. The Mega is not working. The GDrive is not working neither. Can you please reupload or possibly help me with my problem please?

  32. dibacach says:

    The Google drive link for Europe release is dead. Can you please fix it?

  33. irfa says:

    do you have update version 1.5.2?

  34. Anonononon says:

    Why is your links so riddled with piece of shit malware and Trojans? Do these fucking idiots actually believe someone will download XenoBlade2.txt?! lmao

    • AdminNx AdminNx says:

      To keep them safe and active for long. If i put direct links whole site will go down or nintendo might threat or shutdown nxbrew like they did with Darkumbra.

    • Anonlolololol says:

      Anonononon, try installing uBlock and Privacy Badger – and then use jDownloader to manage your downloads. XenoBlade2.txt is a text file that contains links, it is not malware or a trojan. If downloading is too difficult for you, maybe you should just buy the game + Switch for realz. Obviously this stuff is too complicated for you.

      • AdminNx AdminNx says:

        Mate i am sorry for your issues.
        I have replaced the links with new one.
        The reason to put barriers in the download is to make file safer and stay long for everyone.
        Google is on verge right now and they suspend accounts in every 2 or 3 days just because of violations report.
        I am trying my level best to keep this site active and friendly for everyone and again i am sorry for the download issues.

  35. Czaku says:

    Hello, Torna DLS Google Drive links are broken
    “We’re sorry. You can’t access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service.”

  36. Matias says:

    can you fixed the links for EUR version please? and also the DLCS

  37. nickch says:

    Hi..Base Game NSP(Japan) are no longer available via GDrive even by add star and make a copy.
    Can you fix this ?

  38. Lopez says:

    Google drive link is dead

  39. aaa says:

    Japan Release [0100F3400332C000]
    link is dead?

  40. maggi says:

    all link are dead, please re-up

  41. McBurn says:

    Google Drive link is down for the Europe Release, can you please fix it

  42. Jefflim says:

    Hi..admin Can relink the japan Version DLC link..google drive is Quata Exceeded

  43. Saff says:

    everytime i install 2.0.2 it says error has occurred whenever i try to launch it. Cant play it at a lower version since it keeps on asking me for a software update. not sure what i should do.

  44. svt says:

    Gdrive link for dlc and update is down plus the same is true of mega links.

  45. Samuel says:

    Japan Release [0100F3400332C000]
    Google dead

  46. Samuel says:

    Japan Release [0100F3400332C000]

    Google Drive shows:

    Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

    Can u fix it?

  47. rik says:

    “Japan Release google drive base game part2 ” broken,psz repair

  48. Phi says:

    Hello, When i installed the update the game crashed. you can help me??

  49. joni says:

    links down, could you check it?

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